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Our History

Rahm Landscaping tree nursery
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Snow removal
Richard J Rahm Jr. with Jordan R. Rahm

The Rahm's originally entered the landscape industry in the early 1960s, when Richard J. Rahm Sr., a Draftsman by trade, grew and sold bluegrass sod for additional income on the family farm, located in Creve Coeur, Missouri.


In 1974 Richard J. Rahm Jr. founded Rahm Landscaping Co. Inc. and started a small nursery on the same family farm. In 1987, Richard Rahm Jr. bought a small section of property in Glencoe, Missouri, establishing a tree farm through the 1990s and the current day.


Since 2012, Richard Jr. has been joined by his son Jordan, a nurseryman and certified Garden Designer.


Throughout the years Rahm Landscaping has been blessed with many wonderful clients and projects. Ranging from large quantity, large caliper tree planting for land developers and estate owners to residential landscape, garden design, and installation projects. With over 60 years in the landscape industry, you can feel confident choosing Rahm Landscaping for your project. 


  Rahm Landscaping Inc. is a small family-owned landscape and nursery company serving commercial, municipal, and residential customers in the greater St. Louis area. We believe we offer the best landscape experience possible, combining the friendly small business service you want and the professionalism and knowledge you need. 

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Landscape Design

Often referred to as the hardest art form, landscape, and garden design require the eye of an artist and the knowledge of a horticulturist. Combining the art of design and nature.


We Offer:

-Site Analysis

-Design & Installation

-Plant Recommendations

Image by Richard Loader

Tree Pruning

As trees grow and mature pruning is required to develop specimen trees. Properly cared-for trees add beauty and shelter to your landscape that will last a lifetime.  


We Offer:

-Crown Raising

-Crown Thinning

-Deadwood Pruning


 Landscape  Maintenance

Behind every beautiful garden and lawn, there is routine maintenance. We offer both commercial and residential maintenance programs. Choose from our maintenance programs that will keep your gardens and turf beautiful and healthy.

We Offer:

-IPM Turf Care

-IPM Tree + Shrub Care
-Annual Flower Planting

-Mulch + Compost Installation

-Ornamental Tree + Shrub Pruning

- Tree + Shrub Deep Root Fertilization

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Bulk Material Delivery

Beautiful and healthy landscapes start with quality soils and mulch's. For all the do-it-yourself and weekend gardeners, we offer convenient bulk material sales and delivery.

We Offer:



-Leaf Mulch

-Garden Soil Mix

-Decorative Gravels

-Regular Hardwood Bark Mulch

-II Ground Hardwood Bark Mulch



Selecting the correct plant for an area can be difficult. Let us help you select the correct tree, shrub, perennial or annual to add beauty to your landscape.

We Offer:

-Site Analysis

-On & Off-Site Transplanting

- Trees, Shrubs, Annunals, Perennials

Image by Annie Gavin

As an estate owner or property management professional, you know the importance of a safe, reliable, and fully insured contractor. We provide custom mowing schedules, providing an economical way to keep property maintained. 

We Offer:

 -Large Estate Mowing

-Industrial/Commercial Complex Mowing

-Municipal/Government Mowing

Large area Mowing



We grow and buy our nursery stock from growers throughout the United States.  Because of this, we are able to sell you high-quality plants for great value. We offer many varieties of trees, shrubs, ground covers, perennials, and grasses.


Estimated Weight of  Tree Root Ball

 Trunk Diameter           Ball Diameter          Weight 

             2"- 2.5"Cal.                24"B&B                  340lbs 

             3"- 3.5"Cal.               32" B&B                  880lbs

             4"- 4.5"Cal.               42" B&B               1,500lbs

             5"- 5.5"Cal.               54" B&B               2,600lbs

               6" - 7"Cal.               68" B&B               3,800lbs


Ameren Missouri Planting Guide

Utility Planting Guide0001.jpg

Frequently asked questions:

- What will it cost to landscape my home?   A landscape designed and installed can cost anywhere from $5,000 to well over $50,000.  A good rule of thumb is to plan to spend 5% to 10% of the value of your home.  

- When can I transplant my tree or shrub?   Depending on the tree or shrub, Early spring, and late fall are ideal times, while the tree/shrub is dormant and temperatures are cool. 

- When is the best time to plant?   Fall and spring are the ideal times to plant although, successful planting can be done all year round as long as the ground is not frozen. 
- Do you offer Retaining wall & Patio Construction?  No.

- Do you offer payment plans?   No, all first-time customers are required to provide a 50% deposit and signed contract prior to the start of the landscape project. 

- How often and how much should I water?
   For lawn areas, turf grass should be watered once to twice a week putting down an equivalent of 1" of rainfall. Newly planted trees and shrubs should likewise be watered once to twice a week, depending on site conditions. It is recommended to apply 10 gallons of water for every 1" of trunk diameter. The same applies to established trees and shrubs during drought conditions. 

Tree Care + Other Helpful Information:

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